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Now I'm like, well duh! Truly thnafkul for your help.

By Gifting You this teddy
I want to Show Am ready
To make you mine
And fill my life with Sunshine
Teddy Day SMS for a Friend
The soft cuddly teddy is there to show
I will always be there, this you should know
Teddy Day SMS for Partner
To my cutest cuddly wife
Who is certainly my life
This teddy bear is a sign
That you will be forever mine.
Teddy Day SMS for Proposal Text Massage

Even If The Sun Refused To
Even If Romance Ran Out Of
You Would Still Have My
Heart Until
The End Of TimeYou re All
( o )
() -()
I Need, My Love
Happy Teddy Bear Day

Teddy Day is the best occasion to
gift your loved ones with stuff
toys and confess your feelings to

happy teddy day to u n ur family n happy birthday to ayush i m not sure that today ayush birthday but itna pata hai inhi dino mei padta hai

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